The Unholy Roman Empire: Atlanticism and the Second Russian Revolution

A new ‘Holy Roman Empire’ has formed across the world. It is a new ‘nomos’ of territorial and resource acquisition. ‘Nomos’ was the phrase Carl Schmitt borrowed from the Greeks to outline the scope of the new Europe.

In this realm borders have collapsed and ‘civilisational’ diasporas; economic, political and in cyberspace, harken in the real dark age -that of modernity. The world’s existential crisis is not only the makings of the mad Tsar, but a competition for the ‘Grossraum’ (empire building) of resource scarcity and areas of influence.

The ‘nomos’ is not written over maps or borders. It is spherical rather than linear; it revolves around several dimensions as civilisational states ebb and flow, lapping up on the shores of the world. Competition extends into space and technology. Traditional ideologies of left and right become superfluous; the new technological materialism, ushers in a tsunami of crises, wrapped in a uniformity of elite manipulation of the political.

The consensus amongst the western media is one of Russian aggression and aggrandisement, and this is correct. However, the underlying tectonic plates have shifted through a concerted new alliance. This alliance is a ‘New Holy Roman Empire’, not sitting in the heart of Europe, but on the peripheries, and attempting to control it. #


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