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The Nation Weekly: October 21, 2022 Liz Truss’s exit, a history of the labor movement, the midterms, and more

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“In just 44 days, the country lost a queen, a pound, economic credibility, a chancellor, a home secretary, a prime minister—and its political sanity,” writes Gary Younge.

This week, Younge assessed the ephemeral tenure of Liz Truss, whose premiership was the shortest in British history. But Truss’s dismissal isn’t the only chaotic episode to befall Britain in recent memory: “Stranger things have happened lately. Indeed, they keep happening. Everything is in play, flux, and confusion.”

Leaderless, Rudderless Britain Is at the Mercy of Desperate Conservatives
Liz Truss was a hopeless, incompetent leader. But the temptation of a return to the discredited certainties of free-market dogma proved impossible for her party to resist.
Gary Younge
The Past, Present, and Future of the Labor Movement
Kim Kelly’s survey of labor organizing in America—telling the stories of workers on the margins, from miners to sex workers—offers hope and inspiration for working-class victories to come.
Nick Juravich
West Coast Showdown: The Organizer Versus the Oligarch
Karen Bass, Rick Caruso, and the race for mayor of Los Angeles.
Peter Dreier
The Death Eaters: Covid in the Liberal Imagination
A call to rescue public health from the dead hand of neutrality.
Gregg Gonsalves
What Does Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Mean for Deportations?
The Biden administration is pardoning marijuana offenses, but there’s a different legislative move that will have a greater impact on noncitizens.
Felipe de la Hoz
Chris Lehmann on Republican Plans for 2023, Plus Adam Hochschild on Repression in WWI America
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, discussions on the GOP’s “Commitment to America” and how the First World War threatened democracy.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
The MAGA Road to Anti-Semitism
On this episode of The Time Of Monsters, David Klion comments on the controversial posts from Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Kanye West.
Jeet Heer

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