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Morning News: October 19, 2022 Epoch Times- New Data Released on Early Midterm Voting—And It’s a Shock

“Every human has four endowments—self awareness, conscience, independent will, and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom … The power to choose, to respond, to change.”
2022 Midterm Elections
New Data Released on Early Midterm Voting—And It’s a Shock
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China Human Rights

‘Eternal Spring’: Documentary That Retells a Daring Act of Defiance in Communist China Premieres in NYC

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Are you looking for analysis of the midterm election based on actual facts and policies?

Unlike other media, The Epoch Times does not endorse any candidates. That’s not the role of media. Instead, we report the facts without spin, and let you make up your own mind.

Every single day, we cover the latest election-related news, publish in-depth analysis, give you policy comparisons between the two parties that are based on facts and have on-the-ground reporters throughout the entire country bringing you the stories straight from the trenches.

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Saudis Accuse Biden of Impeachable Offense; Durham Exposes Mueller and Comey Lies

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Vaccines & Safety

Top Official Warns mRNA Vaccines Shouldn’t Be Given to This Group

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Executive Branch

Jill Biden Predicts Wave of Cancer Diagnoses After COVID-19

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Crossfire Hurricane

Key Source for Anti-Trump Dossier Acquitted on All Counts

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Executive Branch

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Is Hiding How It’s Complying with Biden’s Voter Registration Drive, Rep. Norman Says

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Executive Branch

Major Update on Biden’s Controversial Student Loan Plan

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Millions of Americans Are Still Eligible for a Stimulus Check, and Time Is Running Out

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Pod of Orcas Clash With 2 Humpback Whales in a Rare, Hours-Long Encounter

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Epoch Cinema

A Common Metal in an Uncommonly Dangerous Place

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Truth Over News

John Durham Was Appointed to Examine FBI Irregularities; Instead, He Lost 2 High-Profile Cases | Truth Over News

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Authentic Chinese Cuisine doesn’t come from a takeout box. It’s the legacy of thousands of years of culinary exploration, from a land that comprises countless regions and innovations. Flavor, texture, sauce, heat. Balance and harmony. Even color and sound. Everything plays a role. I will show you how to use basic salt to enrich the flavors of every dish. A whole world of new skills and flavor is open to you. Let’s go on a gourmet journey.
Barrington Martin II
America’s Black Problem
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Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy: Say It’s About ‘Climate Change,’ and Media Will Give You a Hail
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