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What to tell people getting boosters

By Tom Woods

So far most people seem to be declining the “boosters,” but you will still come across some individuals who don’t even think to question it, and just go ahead and make their appointments.

Steve Kirsch, who’s been doing interesting statistical analysis of the shots, recently had this experience on Nextdoor. Nextdoor, which I myself do not use, is like Facebook but specifically for your neighborhood.

Somebody posted on Nextdoor in Steve’s area that boosters were locally available, and a bunch of people chimed in to thank the person for the information and to say they’d be going in soon — as if there hadn’t been any controversy about it, even among health professionals who supported the initial shots.

So Steve couldn’t resist.

He posted the following, and is urging people to copy him:

Dr. Paul Offit who sits on the FDA advisory committee isn’t getting the booster. He is a world expert on vaccines. The vaccine offers no benefit: all the mice challenged with Omicron got Omicron. It was 100% a failure in preventing infection and previous doses already provide protection for hospitalization and death. Do any of you know something Paul Offit doesn’t know? Please let us know and share the scientific evidence. Thank you.

Speaking of Paul Offit, here’s what he had to say about the booster:

“The only reason I voted no was because ‘hell no’ was not a choice. And it just surprised me that we were willing to go forward with this wtih such scant evidence of benefit. I think the phrase that I used was ‘uncomfortably scant.’ So you just sort of felt like the fix was in a little bit here. Maybe that’s not the right phrase. But it was something that they wanted, and I felt like we were being led here, and with a critical lack of information.”

On another occasion he said, “Right now they’re saying we should trust mouse data. I don’t think you should ever ask tens of millions of people to get a vaccine based on mouse data.”

So the nonsense continues, which is why I’m going to keep recommending you watch Robert F. Kennedy’s new documentary film The Real Anthony Fauci, based on his book of the same name, while the free viewing period is still going on.


Tom Woods

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