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Daily News: October 19, 2022 The Week-How much can KBJ accomplish in the minority?

Joel  Mathis
How much can KBJ accomplish in the minority?
Theara  Coleman
What’s happening in the key midterm battleground states
Devika  Rao
Why experts are worried about the looming flu season
Advertisement by University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Liberal Arts
Penn’s customized and flexible MLA: Apply to start this spring
Justin  Klawans
Biden reportedly will pledge to codify Roe if Dems hold Congress
Brendan  Morrow
Chris Cuomo grills Kanye on his ‘ugly’ antisemitic comments
Brigid  Kennedy
Ryan accuses Vance of ‘peddling’ the ‘Great Replacement Theory’
Advertisement from Wisebread
The Best Travel Cards: No Annual Fee + $250 For Travel
Kelsee  Majette
Missy Elliott honored in her Virginia hometown of Portsmouth
Brendan  Morrow
The best 2022 horror films to watch for Halloween
Scientists call for ocean to be legally treated as a living being
Devika Rao
Harrison Ford to join the Marvel universe in next Captain America film
Brendan Morrow
DOJ requests 6-month prison sentence for Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress
Justin Klawans
Kanye West is buying conservative social media platform Parler
Brendan Morrow
Britain’s Liz Truss tries to calm markets, save her job with new treasury secretary, budget U-turn
Peter Weber
Russia to receive additional weapons from Iran, report says
October 18, 2022
Biden will reportedly pledge to codify Roe v. Wade if Democrats hold Congress
October 18, 2022
California’s COVID-19 emergency will end next year
October 18, 2022
Fears grow for Iranian athlete who competed without hijab
October 18, 2022

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