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Jose Nino’s Digest: October 14, 2022 Roger Stone Issues Statement in Response to January 6 Committee, and more

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Roger Stone Issues Statement in Response to January 6 Committee

After the sham January 6 committee hearing that took place on October 13, political consultant and staunch Trump ally Roger Stone released a statement clearing his name of any alleged wrongdoing that took place in the lead-up to the January 6…

Oct 14, 2022Big League Politics

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Debanks Kanye West

According to a report by Paul Bois of Breitbart News, J.P Morgan Chase bank has allegedly broken business ties with rapper Kanye West following several controversial statements he made about Jewish people on social media. Per the account of…

Oct 13, 2022Big League Politics

Arizona Libertarian Candidate is Being Bankrolled by Democrats

Marc Victor, the Libertarian Party candidate for Arizona’s United States Senate seat recently sparked controversy during an Arizona Senate debate where he said that the age of consent laws should be “up for a vote”. Victor is 53 years old, which made…

Oct 13, 2022Big League Politics

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