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Confessions of a Contard

My name is Matt Parrott, and I am a Conservative

My reputation within our circles is largely as a critic of conservatives and conservatism within America’s nationalist movement. I’m a socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, a critic of Trump, and a dogged opponent of all sorts of paleocon and neocon influences on the subculture.

And yet, sooner or later, the mask slips and I’m exposed as a conservative. There are two reasons why this is the case; one organic and one formulaic. I am a middle-aged trucker from rural small town Indiana. I am “tribally trumpy,” no matter how much I may rail against Donald Trump and his buffoonery.

Even if I may agree with CNN libtards instead of OANN contards on a particular matter, it is an internal critique of my contard cohorts. America is experiencing the early stages of an ethnogenic bifurcation and it’s my conviction that the White, provincial, conservative side of that process is doing it wrong — not that it’s the wrong side.

That’s the organic reason. I could never be chummy with beltway liberals even if they’re correct on specific matter because they’re my opponents. They’re out to get me. Their larger project is one which aims to humiliate, impoverish, and ethnically cleanse people who look, act, and smell like me. I don’t care that some may share my heritage or opinions. Their vision for the future is to betray that heritage in pursuit of a neoliberal imperial vision of identity entirely alien to me and mine.

To be “conservative” in America is decreasingly about ideology or behavior and increasingly a simple tribal matter. Liberals take a lot of pleasure in pointing out that trump supporters don’t think or behave all that conservatively by any 20th century understanding of politics. They’re correct, but they’re missing the point. It’s no longer the 20th century.


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