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The Nation Weekly: October 14, 2022 Florida the failed state, Hermann Burger’s memoirs, Jan 6, and more

“While Hurricane Ian has left Florida, it remains behind in the flooding and in our governor’s political maneuverings,” write CD Davidson-Hiers and Jeff VanderMeer.

This week, the two writers critically examined the state of Florida, which has become overrun with venal government officials, crumbling bridges, and unaffordable housing in some areas. Will the sunshine state survive? Or will it vanish beneath the wreckage of natural disasters and Republican governors downplaying the ravages of the pandemic?

Is Florida Becoming a Failed State?
Large parts of Florida should be mangrove thickets, prickly swampland, and unforgiving marshy wilderness—for our own survival.
CD Davidson-Hiers, Jeff VanderMeer
Hermann Burger’s Frenzied Harmonies
His roman à clef Brenner documents the last days of a hyper-articulate and depressive scion of a cigar fortune.
Charlie Lee
Thank You, January 6 Committee! Now It’s Merrick Garland’s Turn.
Trump must be indicted for all the committee has revealed.
Joan Walsh
Banning Books Is a Threat to Public Education
To say nothing of the fact that we don’t value reading enough in the first place!
Katha Pollitt
The Racial Volcano Explodes in Los Angeles
The current crisis has unleashed unleashed a firestorm of protest that could further divide the city’s communities. But it is also a chance to forge real unity in opposition to the city’s long-standing power brokers.
Bill Gallegos, Bill Fletcher Jr.
John Nichols on Democrats and Marijuana, Plus Greil Marcus on Bob Dylan
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, writers join the show to talk about Democratic strategy and a new biography.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
The Politics of Star Wars
On this episode of The Time of Monsters, TV critic Sean Collins discusses an unexpectedly radical TV show.
Jeet Heer

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