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Germans told ‘don’t whine’ about energy crisis

Nicholas Carlson October 12, 2022


Hello! Welcome to the second edition of this newsletter. Today I’m thinking about the report that Elon Musk blocked Ukraine from using Starlink in Crimea, apparently out of concern that a Ukrainian effort to retake the area could lead to a nuclear war. What’s interesting about this story is that it begs the question: just how much power can a private individual have, given that Musk could potentially stall or even block a counteroffensive in the region? While you ponder that, let’s get to today’s latest news.
The latest
  • Biden just escalated the feud with Saudi Arabia. He warned there will be “consequences” for cutting oil production. Here’s the full story.
  • Angela Lansbury, “Murder, She Wrote” star, has died at 96. Lansbury won five Tonys, six Golden Globes, and an honorary Academy Award. Read about her life and legacy.
The big story
Credit: AP Photo/Martin Meissner
Worried about an energy crisis this winter? Don’t “whine about it.” At least, that’s what Germans were told by a top politician.

Many Europeans are concerned about power cuts this winter amid a squeeze in energy supplies. Meanwhile, the advice from former finance minister and president of the country’s government, Wolfgang Schäuble: “Just put on a sweater, or maybe a second sweater.”

Speaking with Bild-TV, Schäuble added that “you don’t have to whine about it, you have to recognize that a lot of things can’t be taken for granted.”

Governments are taking steps to keep energy use to a minimum, with many European nations switching off their holiday lights over winter — and some are even burning garbage to keep warm. However, should power cuts occur during freezing temperatures, Schäuble said “always have a few candles, matches and a flashlight at home.”


Read the full story here.

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Credit: Rachel Mendelson/Insider
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