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America This Week, October 2-8, 2022

Musk panic returns, Fed disappoints with good news, NATO promises new Ukraine merch, Prez evokes Armageddon, Mexico hacked, Chess innovates butt scan, Onion outdone, Three finance headlines, and more

Welcome back to America This Week, where we pull out all the stops to provide media service with a smile as we deliver the last headlines before Armageddon! As we once again careened inexorably toward chaos, and perhaps World War III, the top stories:

US Running Out of Weapons to Ukraine In one of several bizarre Ukraine-related news stories that dropped this week, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said at a meeting of the UN General Secretary that the alliance is running out of arms to send to Ukraine. “We are now working with industry to increase production of weapons and ammunition,” Stoltenberg told the New York Times, explaining that because the “war is dragging out” and peacetime weapons production in many NATO countries had slackened, stocks of both weapons and ammo are running low. Among other things, the United States — which has already sent upwards of $15 billion in arms to Ukraine — has effectively curtailed deliveries of 155mm howitzers and begun sending smaller or older alternatives, like 105mm howitzers. This is a problem for Ukraine because “range is critical” and “this is an artillery war,” as one military analyst explained to NBC. The Department of Defense is publicly denying there’s an issue, but there are reports the U.S. has already made a decision to stop sending certain weapons and systems so as to avoid curtailing our own defense readiness. “There are a number of systems where I think the Department of Defense has reached the levels where it’s not willing to provide more of that particular system to Ukraine,” former U.S. Marine Corps colonel Mark Cancian told reporters this week. The Biden administration nonetheless has said it will do “whatever it takes” to keep Ukraine armed, which means no more simply delivering existing stocks to the Ukraine-Russia theater. According to Stoltenberg, NATO will now begin amping up production specifically for Ukraine, especially in light of news that Russia has mobilized more troops. “We have to be prepared that [increasing production] may make a difference just by the fact that they will have more troops available,” Stoltenberg said. “But it will take time.”


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