What the People Who Hate Giorgia Meloni Are Really Saying


Giorgia Meloni is probably a name you had never heard of until September 25, 2022. If you’re a conservative/right-leaning person, you probably like some of the rhetoric you’ve seen in some of her viral videos, like the one below.

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The new Prime Minister of Italy. Wow.

However, if you’re a liberal, you’re probably already calling her a fascist. After all, the New York Times called her a fascist. In fact in one column, they called her a fascist over 28 times.

You don’t know what her stances are, you don’t know where she’s from, you can’t tell apart the numerous Italian political parties, and you can’t even name the top three biggest issues among Italian voters this cycle. Hell, you probably got all your knowledge of Italy from an Olive Garden menu.

Yet, my dear liberal, you call her “fascist.”

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Last month, a young college football player tweeted the viral clip you see above with a comment praising it. He supported what she was saying regarding faith, family, and one’s love of country. Sadly, an online mob of basement dwelling ne’er-do-wells verbally ganged up on him, calling him a Nazi and sending threatening remarks.

The kid, Brian Buschini, fell to the pressure and posted a broiler plate, beta male apology saying “I want to take the time to apologize for a tweet I posted yesterday. I saw a headline from a speech the new Prime Minister of Italy made that seemed to support Christianity and family values. I unfortunately tweeted about this without knowing the background or history of this politician or the movement she is involved with.”

“In no way do I support [fascism] or racism in any form. I apologize for posting without understanding the reality of what I was posting about.”

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That’s the problem though Brad, you don’t support fascism but that sure doesn’t mean your critics support free speech, open dialogue, free markets, individual rights. They hate her because they were told to because they never think for themselves, and because they hate her they hate you by default.


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