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Morning News: October 5, 2022 Epoch Times- Cannabis Legalization Leads to Sharp Rise in Marijuana-Related Psychosis: Expert

”People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.”
Policies & Impacts
Cannabis Legalization Leads to Sharp Rise in Marijuana-Related Psychosis: Expert
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CCP Opens Police Departments in the US; COVID-19 Vaccine Autopsy Reports Hidden From Public

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CCP Opens Police Departments in the US | Crossroads

The Chinese regime has now opened police departments in the United States, in an effort to monitor and police Chinese people outside the country. Joshua Philipp exposes China’s long arm of power in the latest episode of Crossroads.

If you care about the state of our country, share this news with your friends and family, and help us fight censorship and agenda-driven journalism.

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2022 Midterm Elections

Lawmaker Fears Loophole in Wisconsin Elections Will Make Midterms a Rerun of 2020

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Health Viewpoints

More Studies Confirm the COVID Jab Does More Harm Than Good

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CCP Virus

Five Suicides in Tibet Due to ‘Extreme Hardship’ in Lockdown: Report

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Jan. 6 Coverage

DNA on Seized Hand Grenades Does Not Belong to Oath Keepers Defendant Jeremy Brown: FBI Lab

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Immigration & Border Security

Unaccompanied Children Suffer Mental Distress at Fort Bliss Facility: Watchdog

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US News

Doctor Groups Push DOJ to Probe ‘Disinformation’ on Meds, Surgeries for Trans-Identifying Youths

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PHOTOS: Meet These Adorable Twin Cats Who Have the Most Beautiful Eyes

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American Thought Leaders

Are We in a Cold Civil War?: David Reaboi on ‘Elite Mentality,’ Concepts of Justice, and the Left’s ‘Self-Radicalizing Ice Cream Cone’

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Truth Over News

Deliberate Destruction of Nord Stream Poses Huge Threats to World Peace—but Who Did It? | Truth Over News

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Jeffrey A. Tucker
When Will the Fed Blink?
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Rex Murphy
Rex Murphy: The Choking of Our Energy Industry Is to the Detriment of Both Canada and the World
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