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America’s Four Star Problem

Micah Meadowcroft, The American Conservative

TAC senior fellow Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.), has long been a gadfly to the American brass. In a Thursday piece written with Joshua Whitehouse of Personnel Policy Operations, Macgregor pointed out that the U.S. Armed Forces have gotten top-heavy. While the Second World War was won with just seven four-star commanders, today there are 40 four-stars overseeing the operations of just 1.1 million active-duty service members. Macgregor and Whitehouse argue that “the next administration’s top priority must be a dramatic reduction in the four-star overhead and a commensurate reduction in the numbers of regional unified and functional commands.”

Staff reporter Bradley Devlin has given American readers an introduction to Italy’s likely new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni. She’d be the first female to hold the post in the nation’s history, but for western liberals it seems to be a five-alarm fire, with reckless accusations of rising fascism the response of the day. Meloni has talked big game about restoring the Italian family, national sovereignty, and good governance, but as Devlin concludes, observers should remain skeptical that she can fulfill her campaign promises. Reforming the Italian administrative state, or Italian politics, is a tall order.

And Carmel Richardson, who recently left the Beltway to move back to the heartland with her husband and daughter, has a column reminding the rest of us still here on the Atlantic seaboard that house prices aren’t crazy everywhere. The shortage of affordable homes, especially for young families, is localized to the big metroplexes in which so many ambitious Americans are set on living. Meanwhile, midsize and small cities across the country are practically begging professionals to move there. But, of course, if enough people with remote work options do that, doesn’t it simply shift the problem of pricing locals and families starting out down the urban chain?

Micah Meadowcroft
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America’s Four Star Problem

The next administration’s top priority must be a dramatic reduction in the four-star overhead.

Giorgia Meloni: The Future or Phony

Will Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s likely new prime minsiter, be able to keep her campaign promises?

It’s Not A Housing Shortage

The shortage of affordable homes is only affecting key locations.

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