The Crisis Of The European Centre

Hope or Hopium?


I know what you’re thinking, this article is pure hopium and I probably just fancy Giorgia Meloni. There’s certainly some truth to the latter but the validity of the former needs some careful consideration. To say that I’ve become ‘‘Blackpilled’’ on electoral politics would be a severe understatement. Indeed, readers and listeners who’ve only recently discovered my online musings could be forgiven for thinking that I simply wasn’t interested in elections and party politics at all.

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It wasn’t always that way.

In 2002 I was drinking in a small Belgian cafe late in the evening when news came in that Le Pen senior had caused an earthquake in the French election by making it into the final run-off against Jacques Chirac. This was Jean Marie Le Pen who responded to economic arguments for mass migration by saying he’d prefer to see French people eating dry bread than become strangers on their own soil. For my younger self it wasn’t so much backing the ‘‘Far Right’’ but assisting European civilization in correcting itself — the pendulum swinging back and stability being restored.


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