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His Name Was Cayler Ellingson



An 18 year-old young man was murdered in cold blood. In fact, he was murdered in broad daylight. He was just old enough to vote. He could have gone to school or gotten a job. He could have eventually found love and started a family. He could have done so much.

His future was robbed of him. Any life taken prematurely is a travesty, but this clear cut murder should trouble everyone in our nation to its core.

Cayler Ellingson, who died at the age of 18, was rundown for having conservative beliefs. This kid was called a “Republican extremist” by his killer, and after the man who ran him down with his vehicle was arrested, he even admitted to it, no denial whatsoever, and was let out on a few thousand dollars bail while his trial date waits to be set.

Almost no mainstream news outlet has discussed this at all. No elected Republican, that I know of at least, has said anything about this.

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No one is calling out Joe Biden for his rhetoric that convinced the killer to commit this crime.

But we’ll say the victim’s name. We won’t ignore Cayler Ellingson, who was only 18.

Presidential Donald Trump won’t forget his name either. Trump has not ignored Cayler’s murder by a radical liberal.

“Cayler Ellingson of North Dakota,” Trump said on his Truth Social account, “a great Republican Patriot with an unlimited future ahead, was struck by a truck and killed. The person that did this was a deranged Democrat maniac who was angry that Cayler was a Republican. The Media doesn’t want to cover this horrible event because of the politics involved. If it were a MAGA Republican that drove that truck, it would have been the biggest of all stories. We LOVE Cayler, AND WILL NEVER FORGET! Warmest condolences to Cayler’s family & friends.”

Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Nicki Hailey, Marco Rubio, Mike Pence, all the establishment leaders have just remained silent. Do not ignore their silence. The elite within our own party don’t and never have cared how you live, they don’t care how you die.

Democrats? Don’t expect to hear anything from them either. Cayler wasn’t part of a tokenized class that could be used as a political talking point. Yeah, his killer was a straight white male, but he voted the “right” way and probably supported climate change and abortion, which in the beliefs of the liberal religion, is enough to wash one’s sins away.

Just ask Ted Kennedy. He left his mistress to die and they still tried to make him president.

Cayler Ellingson’s life mattered. Don’t let his name flicker away.

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