Rising: September 26, 2022 Full Show White House BRAGS about Biden’s recession economy as markets TUMBLE, inflation grows

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is speaking candidly on the possibility of a recession. After downplaying fears back in 2021, Powell is admitting that he does not know what will happen to the economy. Katie Halper and Robby Soave react.

Robby Soave criticizes backlash to the controversial documentary, “Jihad Rehab”

Democratic nominee for the Georgia governorship Stacey Abrams is facing backlash for saying that ‘there is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks’ on the issue of abortion. Katie Halper and Robby Soave discuss.

Founder and Director of Cyrus Forum Mariam Memarsadeghi weighs in on the protests taking place in Iran after the death of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amani, who was arrested in Tehran for not properly wearing her hijab, which is mandatory for women there. Amani died in police custody.

The JCPOA is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known commonly as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Former State Secretary Hillary Clinton suggested a comparison between former President Donald Trump’s recent Ohio rally to a Nazi rally. Katie Halper and Robby Soave discuss.

Journalist Aaron Maté weighs in on escalating rhetoric out of eastern Europe after Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin both suggested nuclear war is not off the table.

Katie Halper and Robby Soave react to the election of Giorgia Meloni as Italy’s new prime minister.

Over 1,000 migrants have now been bussed out of Texas and into the Chicago metropolitan area by Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas). Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashed out at the Biden administration for what she considers their failing to support liberal cities overwhelmed by the growing flow of asylum seekers. Katie Halper and Robby Soave discuss.

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