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The Plot to Seize Russia & Make It a NATO Vassal

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Martin Armstrong: The Plot to Seize Russia & Make It a NATO Vassal

Martin Armstrong discusses his new book based on declassified documents where in the 1990s the West, NATO, and Russian oligarchy plotted to seize Moscow, loot Russia, and takeover its natural resources. Yeltsin turned to Putin who was not a communist and is not an oligarch. The Moscow apartment bombings or propaganda surrounding them being a false flag would likely have come from Boris Berezovsky. The Great Reset is basically a debt default and the EU is a disaster that will fall apart. At this point most of the attack on Russia is related to “climate change” and to shut down fossil fuels.

ANALYSIS: After Failing to Change its Constitution, What’s Next for Chile?

More unrest should be expected. It’s very likely a repeat of the 2019 protests is in the cards. Despite the failure at the polls, Boric has not given up. He plans on putting forward a new process to rewrite the constitution in 2023.

Cashless Society, Lockdowns and more White Pills with Hrvoje Morić

I was interviewed by Monica Perez on her Deep Dives podcast!

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