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Evidence Shows What We Knew All Along: Lockdowns Failed American Students



Public school districts and government morons across the country convinced us that schools across the country were sophisticated and competent enough to fully educate our students online. They also said that the lockdowns would only be a brief amount of time.

Two years later, the evidence is showing that remote learning wasn’t just a complete and utter failure, but that the extensive lockdowns that went on for more than a year deeply impacted students so deeply that we have an entire generation that is now a year or more behind in their overall schooling.

A recent piece at The Political Insider shows just how bad things are:

The results of the federal testing showed the most significant decrease in reading scores in 30 years and the first decrease in history for math since we began administering national testing in the 1970s.

Teachers unions aren’t discussing this, local news outlets aren’t discussing this, even the Department of Education is hoping and praying no one reads their own reports.

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According to Daniel McGrath, the acting Associate Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, “Students in 2022 are performing at a level last seen two decades ago.”

Let that sit with you for a moment. The lockdowns that went on for over a year literally erased two decades of progress.

The article continues:

Numbers generally don’t lie, and the ones in this preliminary report provide some hard truths. For example, since 2020, 9-year-old’s math results have decreased by 7%, and reading scores dropped by 5% on average.

This is exactly what they wanted, they got exactly what they demanded but now bureaucrats can’t even look parents in the eyes and admit that remote learning was a horrible idea and the lockdowns were almost entirely unnecessary.

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But it’s OK as far as they’re concerned. They didn’t lose paychecks, hell, they barely had to do any work the past few years. They’re looking forward to retirement and moving on with their lives.

They don’t care about your children, they never did.

It doesn’t matter if your kid can’t read, can’t do math, has damaged language and developmental skills because they had to wear masks out in public and couldn’t go out and play with other kids.

This is what they think of you. They create the problem, provide solutions that make things worse, then stick you with the bill and say “you’re welcome.”

Share this with every single parent you know, we need to hold these people accountable.

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