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We’re Relying on Russian Restraint to Prevent Escalation

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Dave DeCamp: We’re Relying on Russian Restraint to Prevent Escalation

Dave DeCamp of discusses the appointment of hawks such as UK PM Liz Truss and how we’re relying on Russian restraint to prevent escalation. The expansion of Global NATO is unrelenting, especially in Asia-Pacific, where China is warning Taiwan is a red line. What’s interesting is how the U.S. policy of using force against countries is actually driving them together…it’s either hubris or perhaps by design. We touch on Iran, Syria, Biden’s “V for Vendetta” speech, and October surprises.

ANALYSIS: Is the Gran Colombia Project Going to Become a Reality?

Despite Petro’s government being ostensibly on the progressive Left, the type of leftism that it espouses tends to be more of the cultural leftist variety that jives well with the Collective West’s globalist agenda. As a result, Colombia could form part of the progressive bloc of countries such as Argentina and Chile that could serve as an alternative to the Bolivarian axis.

Interview with Hügo Krüger

In conversation with Hrvoje Morić, the host of the Geopolitics & Empire podcast.

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Was Covid a U.S. Biowarfare Attack Against the Multipolar World?

Since April 2020 Ron Unz has published a long series of articles arguing that the Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). Now, Jeffrey Sachs, the Russian MoD, and others are making similar suggestions.

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Ron Unz on Covid & Biowarfare

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