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What will it take to bring Trump down?

Episode 89 with Matt Christman

Welcome to the first KK&F episode of the post-Elizabethan era. Complete with some riffing on the “reptilian” royal family and their loathsome private world, this week’s convo with political commentator, comedian, and Chapo host Matt Christman touches on a wide range of issues, from Steve Bannon getting slammed with New York state charges to Trump’s ongoing war with the deep state and the political violence that might unfold (and has already begun to do so). Watch below:

We try out the theory that Trump and his ilk are facing “death by a thousand cuts” in terms of the lawsuits, charges, and raids piling on them, year after year. Neither Trump nor his closest allies have faced true political consequences for crimes committed during Trump’s administration; rather, the potential of political consequences has become a major, rotating fixture in the American news cycle, where incidents like Trump’s involvement in the January 6 riot (or the recent raid by the Feds on Mar-a-Lago) place the former president under threat of legal action but fail to fully bring him to justice.

Why is this, and what will the effect be on Trump’s future political ambitions? As we see it, these efforts may well serve to foreclose the possibility of future Trump candidacies, and of further-extended political careers for his lackeys. Making Trump persona non grata in Washington could have the effect of making his supporters feel that backing him is too far-flung, a gamble not worth the risk. And as Kyle posits, it could create a political situation where Trump is able to perform well in primaries, but in general elections, his total lack of trust and respect outside a group of die-hard supporters leads to losses. Of course, Matt’s right to point out that the rapidly evolving economic situation in the U.S. will continue to heavily shape voting outcomes — so no matter what we know about Trump’s declining favor in American politics, it’s hard to say how far that decline will go. Ominously, one thing that looks increasingly sure now is a rise in far-right violence stemming from Trump’s extremist followers: the August attack on a Cincinnati FBI office by a Jan. 6 attendee is just one example.

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