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The Nation Weekly: September 9, 2022 DHS surveillance, Kamala Harris on labor, and more

The Nation

September 9, 2022
“I do believe that this is the beginning of the next era of the labor movement—the modern labor movement,” Vice President Kamala Harris said last week. As the daughter of an activist mother who brought her along to join picket lines, and the product of San Francisco, Harris is remarkably informed and engaged with labor issues.

In an exclusive feature with The Nation, national affairs correspondent John Nichols spoke to her about her youth, why it’s so vital to eliminate barriers to organizing, and the PRO Act.

Kamala Harris Tells The Nation, “This Is the Beginning of the Next Era of the Labor Movement”
In an exclusive interview with The Nation’s John Nichols, the vice president recalls her youth on picket lines and explains why it’s so vital to eliminate barriers to organizing.
John Nichols
DHS Surveillance Increasingly Targets US Citizens
The Department of Homeland Security and its component agencies are highly capable of keeping tabs on all of us—and they often do.
Gaby Del Valle
Is the Avant-Garde Still Avant-Garde?
Today’s radical art movements can always congeal into tomorrow’s orthodoxy.
Stefan Collini
Jim Crow Infrastructure and the Jackson, Miss., “Water Crisis”
To understand why more rain means less drinking water in Mississippi’s capital, you need to look to the state’s racist past—and the present malign neglect of its Black citizens.
Makani Themba
We Were Supposed to Help Asian Migrant Women—Instead We Got Police
After the Atlanta spa shootings, people wanted to support vulnerable Asian communities. But a new breed of activists steered energy toward carceral solutions.
Seth Berkman
Amy Littlefield on How Abortion Rights Triumphed in Kansas, Plus Barbara Ehrenreich Remembered
On this week’s episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, on-the-ground reporting from Kansas and an interview with the late Barbara Ehrenreich.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Biden, Trump, and “Semi-Fascism”
On this week’s episode of The Time of Monsters, a discussion with The New Republic’s Matt Ford about Joe Biden’s criticism of the former president and MAGA Republicans.
Jeet Heer

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