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The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter: August 8, 2022-Biden, Powell at Odds | World’s Rivers Drying Up? | Inflated Universities

Biden and Powell Are at Odds on Inflation

Judy L. Shelton (Wall Street Journal)

And that’s the problem. There’s no point relying on interest rates to control the money supply (Powell) when government spending (Biden) continues to exacerbate inflationary pressures. Sound money and sound finances must go hand in hand for the economy to regain a solid footing. What do we do next? READ MORE »
WATCH: The Gold Standard: Prospect & Retrospect
50 Years After the Bretton Woods System

Is Extreme Weather Causing the World’s Rivers to Dry Up?

David R. Legates (American Thinker)

So says CNN. One problem, however. Their before-and-after aerial photography compared August 2022 to (you guessed it) August 2021—just one year before. Climate change is measured over periods of at least 30 years, not a single year. What CNN showed was a normal change in yearly weather conditions and local effects in dam operations. How inconvenient…. READ MORE »

Hot Talk, Cold Science (2021)

Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate (Revised and Expanded Third Edition)

By S. Fred Singer et al.

Inflation Will Hit Universities Hard

Richard K. Vedder (The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)

The U.S. faces the worst inflation in 40 years; and that, plus the nearly daily multi-billion-dollar drubbing the nation’s college and universities are getting in the stock market, mean they are facing perilous times. Will the Keynesian managerial class these schools trained up come to the rescue yet again? READ MORE »

Restoring the Promise

Higher Education in America

By Richard K. Vedder

Where Do the Poorest Americans Stand in the Income Distribution among All People Ever Born?

Robert M. Whaples (The Independent Review)

Data from historical and contemporary sources suggest that the poorest Americans—those in the bottom five percent—have higher incomes than roughly 95 percent of all the humans who have ever lived. READ MORE »

The Independent Review

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