Liz Cheney’s Uniparty

The Republican Party largely looked like this a decade and a half ago:


-Pro-Surveillance state

-Pro-”common sense” gun control

-Pro-foreign labor

Now look at who makes up a majority of the activist base and controls the conversation within the GOP now?

-Anti-interventionist foreign policies

-Anti-police state

-2nd Amendment absolutists

-Nationalist trade policy

The Republican Party isn’t perfect, and while we still have our Romneys and our Grahams, the one thing we can absolutely be happy about is losing our last Cheney.

Liz Cheney’s defeat on August 16, 2022 solidifies the new political lines in our country. Who is pro-lockdown? Who is pro-printing more money? Who wants to send more of your money overseas? Who is sending your children to potentially die overseas?

Whoever those people are, Liz Cheney is apparently all here for them. God forbid an elitist lose and go quietly into the night.

According to a recent article from TheBlaze, Cheney is going to specifically after anyone she deems an “election denier,” meaning any Republican who spoke out on the obvious theft of the 2020 election.


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