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Yes, Republicans Are Blowing the Midterms

I can’t say I agree with the analysis in this article. This commentator is saying the Republicans need to forget economic issues and double down on “culture” issues. That’s a stupid idea that only an ideologue would come up with. The Dems have gained by paying more attention to bread and butter issues, and the GOPs have slipped because of the Dobbs decision and related issues. Most people in 2022 are not going to vote for folks who think a 13-year-old rape victim ought to be carrying a pregnancy to term, that birth control should be outlawed, or that being gay should be a criminal offense.
The GOP was getting some solid mileage out of attacking the more extreme liberal/left positions like defunding the police, totally open borders, and the trans/CRT culture war stuff, along with crime and inflation. The Repubs overplayed their hand with the abortion thing and generated a backlash by out-excessing “the other side” (“We’ll show you what extremism really looks like!”) All the Dems need is their loyal base plus enough moderate liberals, independents, libertarians, swing voters, moderate Republicans, and barstool conservative types to get electoral majorities.

By Eric Lendrum, American Greatness

If you thought primary election season was finished teaching valuable lessons ahead of the November elections, then you thought wrong. With the recent contests in Florida and New York, the GOP just received a dire warning about its midterm prospects with all the subtlety of a New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square.

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory . . . Again

Up to now, it was common knowledge that the Republican Party was destined to crush the Democrats in a decisive landslide this November in both houses of Congress. After all, it is the historical midterm pattern that has proven itself time and time again; with just four exceptions since the Civil War, the president’s party always loses seats in a midterm election. Both the Senate and the House seemed ripe for the taking.

Indeed, if the election had been held back in May or June, this would have been the case. At the height of the inflation crisis and the simultaneous historic spike in gas prices, Republicans pulled off an upset victory in a special election that saw Texas’ 34th congressional district flip red for the first time in over 100 years.

And yet, just two months later, the GOP has seen its fortunes flipped. In another special election that was considered a major bellwether for the general election, New York’s 19th congressional district, every single poll—including those commissioned by Democratic groups—showed Republican Marc Molinaro as the overwhelming favorite to win. This is an R+3 district that Joe Biden won by just two points over Donald Trump in 2020. And yet, come Election Day, a seat that was supposed to be another pickup for Republicans was won by Democrat Pat Ryan, in a four-point victory over Molinaro.


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  1. Leftists always fight the culture war then when they get push back they pretend they just want “health care” meaning more jobs for insurance bureaucrats, totally coincidentally meaning patronage jobs for themselves.

    I understand how traumatized Leftists are because Tipper Gore forced those Entertainment Corporations to put parental advisory stickers on vulgar cassette tapes sold to children, a violation of free speech.

    “Kill my bitch ass ho” is freedom of speech.

    “Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine is unproven” dangerous misinformation.

    “A woman is an adult female human” is transphobic hate speech.

    “boys have a penis girls have a vagina” is a war crime.

    Wait, why the hell would anyone want anything at all to do with Leftists, basically a fringe subculture for failed white academics with mental issues and facial piercings and godawful taste in shitty punk rock?

    More culture war please, defund the left, defund community colleges and make these leftists stop leeching off of other people’s hard work. And keep Leftist creeps away from the kids.

      • In those days, Albert Gore, Jr. was a Senator from Tennessee and presented himself as a conservative Democrat (there used to be such a thing) and a de facto member of the religious right. When he became Bill Clinton’s VP he reinvented himself as the eco-weenie he is known for being. Tipper and her associates presented themselves as quasi-church ladies. But the whole thing was a scam to get Albert’s name in the paper.

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