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Morning News: August 15, 2022 Epoch Times-Trump Reveals Bombshell, Says ‘Privileged’ Documents Taken By FBI

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”
FBI Raids Trump Resort
Trump Reveals Bombshell, Says ‘Privileged’ Documents Taken By FBI
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EpochTV Live

Special Report: Behind the Trump Raid

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The raid on former president Trump’s personal residence has left many people asking: if this can be done to a former president, what does this mean for the citizens of the United States?

In an EXCLUSIVE report to subscribers, The Epoch Times investigates this and many other questions about the raid.

This extremely important report is available RIGHT NOW to subscribers. If you are not already subscribed, sign up now to get immediate access for just $1:

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National Security

‘Woke’ Military Policies to Blame for Recruitment Crisis, Servicemembers Say

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FBI Raids Trump Resort

Oversight Democrats Pursue Damage Assessment Over Trump’s Handling of Documents

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Southern California

UCLA Creates Database to ‘Track Attacks on Critical Race Theory’

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FBI Raids Trump Resort

Former White House Chief of Staff Never Witnessed ‘Intentional Destruction of Important Papers’

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Crime and Incidents

Armed Man Fatally Shoots Self After Ramming Car Into Barricade Near US Capitol: Capitol Police

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California Becomes Battleground for COVID Lawsuits and Legislation Surrounding Minors

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Creative Wonders

PHOTOS: Self-Taught Artist Makes Incredible Origami Creatures From Single Sheets of Paper

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Facts Matter

[Premiering 8/15 at 1PM ET] Louisiana AG Takes on Federal Government and Big Tech in Censorship Lawsuit | Facts Matter

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American Thought Leaders

Safety Mania: Charles Eisenstein Talks COVID Hysteria, Mob Dynamics, and How to Forge ‘Communities of Sanity’

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Jeffrey A. Tucker
A Deeper Dive Into the CDC Reversal
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Michael Taube
Michael Taube: Why Doug Ford’s ‘Strong Mayor’ Plan Could End Up Being Weak Sauce
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