We’re On the Edge of Global Holodomor & World War Three

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Michael Yon: We’re On the Edge of Global Holodomor & World War Three

Michael Yon discusses the energy crisis from Germany and how Europeans are looking to freeze this winter. The “flash to bang” is slow, right now there’s plenty of food, but production is in sharp decline. We’re going into global famines which will affect everyone on the planet. These circumstances are all due to government and globalist policies related to climate, migration, etc. The elites are trying to run farmers out of business. They want to make us their cattle and serfs, the complete control of humanity is what they’re shooting for. We’re arguably already in WWIII. Pandemic, war, and famine go together, they’re the triangle of death. If you get one, you get the other two, every time, no exception. Most serious famines don’t last for more than two years, but some can last up to ten years. Yon even expects cannibalism. NATO can’t tie its shoe and it looks like the EU will fall apart.

ANALYSIS: Could Malawi’s Protests be a Harbinger of Further Unrest Across Sub-Saharan Africa?

A combination of corruption and a deteriorating economic situation will likely contribute to further unrest in Malawi and a number of other African countries. Given the remarkable shakeup of the present world order that is currently taking place, many countries will be facing political upheavals and potential regime change scenarios. No one said that systemic transitions would go down smoothly.

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