Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

‘Political Correctness’ Is A Pandemic

By Peter R Quinones

Monkeypox will be soon forgotten but the disease that is political correctness is going to continue to mutate and infect the populace until people have finally had enough.
The video above is from the “evil, far-right” FOX Business channel show Kennedy (yes, that’s sarcasm). This show tends to lean libertarian, even has good people like Dave Smith and Jeff Deist as panelists, but watching the virtue signaling (such a tired phrase) when Ned Ryun begins to talk about the demographics being affected by Monkeypox and how it spreads is further proof of my assertion that Leftism and political correctness has infiltrated everything, especially libertarian discourse.

As I watched this video, I saw one person grounded in reality, surrounded by three leftists too scared to speak the truth. Sure, mentioning gay orgies may have been a little over-the-top but the enemy calls anyone who supported Trump a white supremacist and Nazi. People who are allegedly opposed to encroaching leftism like libertarians are supposed to recognize the benefit of at least matching the enemy in their rhetoric. That most do not is further proof that the majority of the Right, and especially libertarians, do not recognize they’re in a war and are just waiting to be loaded into boxcars. We need to step up and employ the salty rhetoric of our enemies. Being afraid to do so is just pathetic.

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