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Jose Nino’s Digest: July 26, 2022 How Radical Decentralization Built the West, and more

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El Nino Speaks 47: How Radical Decentralization Built the West

Was the West built on anarchist principles? Stephen Carson, the host of the YouTube channel Radical Liberation, argues that medieval anarchism helped propel the West to economic and social greatness. He joined José Niño in the latest episode of El…

Jul 26, 2022Substack

Florida Congresswoman Anna Eskamani Calls for Libs of TikTok to be Kicked Off Shopify

Florida House of Representatives member Anna Eskamani is calling for Libs of TikTok to be booted off e-commerce platform Shopify. The reason that Eskamani wants Shopify to kick Libs of TikTok off its platform is that the account used the word…

Jul 26, 2022Big League Politics

Is Russia About to Shut Down a Jewish Agency?

Yair Lapid, Israel’s Interim Prime Minister, issued a major warning to Russia on July 24, 2022. Lapid stressed that if the Russian Ministry of Justice finalizes the shutdown of the Russian branch of the Jewish Agency for Israel bilateral relations…

Jul 26, 2022Big League Politics

Viktor Orbán Rejects Globalist Plots to Dilute Hungary’s National Identity

On July 23, 2022, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech in Central Romania criticizing Western European countries and politicians for aiding and abetting mass migration waves that result in the dilution of their national identities. He…

Jul 26, 2022Big League Politics

British Police are Instructed to Stop Policing “Offensive” Tweets and Go Back to Cracking Down on Real Criminal Activity

The United Kingdom has become notorious for its anarcho-tyrannical policies where police focus on cracking down on edgy online speech, while violent criminals are allowed to run loose. However, that seems to be changing with the release of a new…

Jul 26, 2022Big League Politics

Starbucks Admits That Crime is Out of Control in America’s Cities

Everyone knows that every city run by Democrats in America has higher rates of crime and higher rates of unemployment and homelessness. For some reason though, you can’t say that part out loud. Everyone also knows that 2020 was not filled with “the…

Jul 25, 2022Substack

US Announces Another Orgy of Military Aid to Ukraine

The United States government has promised to provide Volodomyr Zelensky’s regime in Ukraine with $270 million in military aid to Ukraine after Russia destroyed several high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS) in a recent phase of the…

Jul 25, 2022Big League Politics

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