Jose Nino’s Digest: July 23, 2022 Russia Says War Goals Have Expanded After NATO Flooded Ukraine with Weapons, and more

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Russia Says War Goals Have Expanded After NATO Flooded Ukraine with Weapons

5 months into Russia’s special military operation, Russia forces have largely brought the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine under their control. Now, there’s speculation that Russia may have broader territorial ambitions in Ukraine. Tyler Durden of…

Jul 23, 2022Big League Politics

Republicans for National Renewal Endorses Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs’s Re-Election Bid

On July 22, 2022, Republicans for National Renewal announced its endorsement of Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs’ re-election bid for Arizona’s 5th congressional district. Biggs was first elected to the United States House in 2016. The Arizona…

Jul 23, 2022Big League Politics

75% of America’s Middle Class Are Getting Pummeled by the Rising Cost of Living

According to a poll by Primerica, inflation and fears about a stagflationary recession are making middle-class Americans pessimistic about their financial status and the overall health of the broader economy. 75% of Americans with incomes between…

Jul 23, 2022Big League Politics

Religious Leader of Iran Praises Increased Ties with Russia

In the last two decades, Russia and Iran have grown closer in matters of economic and military cooperation. These relations have only strengthened in the aftermath of the launch of Russia’s controversial special military operation in Ukraine. With…

Jul 23, 2022Big League Politics

Ron Paul Will Exclusively Stream on Rumble After Being Censored on YouTube

Starting in early August, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul will be live-streaming exclusively on Rumble. Paul has been a constant target of censorship from the Masters of the Universe at Big Tech. In some of his recent videos, Paul has talked about…

Jul 22, 2022Big League Politics

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