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We’re in an Emergency—Act Like It!

New York Review of Books

Mark Danner
We’re in an Emergency—Act Like It!

At a time when the threat of authoritarianism is rising, Democrats have a duty to make crystal clear to voters what is at stake in the November elections.

David Cole
Egregiously Wrong: The Supreme Court’s Unprecedented Turn

In several of the term’s most controversial cases, the Court’s new majority applied originalism to disastrous effect.

The White People in My Blood

a poem by
Shane McCrae

What do I know about the white
People I don’t know       in my blood
Does their blood pale my father’s where
It meets his blood…

Ian Bassin and Erica Newland
The Attorney General’s Choice

Merrick Garland’s job in weighing a Trump indictment is not to heal the nation.

Free from the Archives

For the Review’s December 21, 2000, issue—nine days after the Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore ended a recount of votes in Florida, effectively declaring George W. Bush president—Mark Danner wrote about that pivotal election. It was the first time since 1888, when Benjamin Harrison defeated Grover Cleveland in the electoral college, that a president was chosen despite having lost the popular vote, and Danner saw in Al Gore’s “down-to-the-wire” defeat the result of many years of “corrupt funding” and two political parties with no “interest in delivering a message that might mobilize the voters who never turn out.”

Mark Danner
Scandal & the Road to Deadlock

“Only serious reform offers a hope of eventually breaking this cycle. And yet can anyone imagine the incoming government passing effective laws to limit the sway of money in politics?”


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  1. The reason we are in an ’emwrgency’, and the reason that the Democrats fear the upcoming November 2022 election, is because they screwed up royally in 2020 and before.
    They were so desperate to get rid of Trump they forgot to find a GOOD, non-geriatric, non-‘mental’ candidate of their own.

    BTW, isn’t it about time for you, Keith Preston, to take seriously that there is indeed an ’emergency’, and that discussion of my AP essay is warranted, even mandatory at this point?

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