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Outrage greets The Post’s revelation of hidden migrant camps in Hamptons

By and New York Post

Hamptons residents said Monday they were shocked to learn from The Post that illegal immigrants were living in the woods amid the area’s sprawling mansions — as outraged online commenters blamed nouveau-riche property owners and liberal voters.

“I haven’t seen homelessness in the Hamptons at all. The first I heard of it was when I read it in The Post,” a woman in Southampton said.

“I see those guys at the 7-Eleven in the morning waiting for work. I would imagine it’s impossible for them to find housing because it’s very expensive but you don’t see homelessness around town.”

Bill Gallo, 74, of Remsenburg, said, “I had no idea. I can’t imagine people here even know.”

“I bought a home in the Hamptons in 2015. I spend half my time in Florida and half my time here,” the retired grain trader said.


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