‘Goldilocks’ repeatedly caught sleeping at lavish estates in the Hampton

By Isabel Vincent, New York Post

The Hamptons has its very own Goldilocks — a woman who has been walking into houses in the posh village of Westhampton Beach, bedding down and spooking residents who pay as much as $250,000 for a summer rental.

According to Westhampton Beach Police reports, Peace Ofoego, 32, has been busted three times for trespassing since the end of May, although she has entered seven properties in the village. In some cases, home owners declined to press charges, according to police reports obtained by The Post.

She was first spotted in Westhampton Beach on Memorial Day weekend, when a resident reported to police “a black female wearing a black trench coat and sandals” wandering the backyard construction site of his four-bedroom rental property about a mile away from the village’s train station.

Ofoego told police on May 29 that she had no identification or credit cards because she had recently been robbed while living in Washington, DC. She said she had traveled to New York City a few days earlier, and had boarded the Long Island Railroad to Westhampton Beach, a quiet seaside village of 1,900 residents, to find a hotel room near the ocean, according to a police report.


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