Freedom News Digests: Thursday July 14, 2022 Sanctions, Immigration Controls, and Death in Venezuela

Saying is one thing and doing is another.

— Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

July 14, 2022
Sanctions, Immigration Controls, and Death in Venezuela
Horrific economic and political conditions in Venezuela have caused more than six million people to flee the country in a desperate attempt to save their lives. Hundreds of thousands of them have come to the United States, where ordinarily they would be subject to forced deportation back to Venezuela under America’s socialist system of immigration controls. …
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Libertarian Angle: The Case Against Public Schooling and Vouchers
by Jacob G. Hornberger and Richard M. Ebeling
The Future of Freedom Foundation
Inflation, Unemployment, and Fed Credibility
by Alexander William Salter
“The Worst Day of My Life”
by José Olivares and John Washington
Why Studying Economics Requires Curiosity
by Caleb S. Fuller
Conservatives Must Prioritize the Second Amendment
by Alex Madajian
American Conservative
The Tyranny of the Majority
by Andrew P. Napolitano
Biden Goes Begging: To Offer Saudis Bombs For Oil
by Daniel McAdams and Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute
The Destruction of Iraq’s Christian Community
by Doug Bandow
U.S. China Policy: A Perilous Arms Race Instead of Waging Critical Cooperation
by Ralph Nader
Washington Post Promotes New Adversary For Pentagon: The Middle East
by Melvin Goodman
Transform NATO Without U.S. Help
by Laurence M. Vance
On the eve of the NATO summit held in Madrid on June 29–30, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that “the number of NATO troops …
The Supreme Court Is Turning America Into a Constitution-Free Zone
by John W. Whitehead
The Supreme Court has spoken: there will be no consequences for cops who brutalize the citizenry and no justice for the victims of police brutality….
Immigration Deaths and Open Borders
by Jacob G. Hornberger and Richard M. Ebeling
What is the only way to bring an end to the deaths of immigrants from dehydration in …
7 Ways the Right Has Failed Americans
by Laurence M. Vance
Earlier this year, Republican members of the House held their three-day annual retreat, the House Republican Issues Conference, in …
Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich, Part 2
by George Leef
McCloskey and Carden also devote many chapters to refuting mistaken ideas about the reasons for the Great Enrichment….
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