American Decline

Americans are Living in an Unprecedented Time of Decline

Geopolitics and Empire

Kurt Schlichter: Americans are Living in an Unprecedented Time of Decline

Kurt Schlichter discusses the fall, potential collapse, and possible resurgence of America. The apex of U.S. power was the 1990s where Washington stood militarily unchallenged, but the tables have turned as today Russia and China have become worthy adversaries. Inflation and shortages are symbolic of a deteriorating economy and unprecedented time of decline, which is being accepted by the ruling class. He compares the situation that led to the Yugoslav civil war in the Balkans to what’s going on in America today and the real possibility of a second civil war.

ANALYSIS: Kremlin Gives Ukraine Green Light to Continue Striking Russian Territory

From the Ukrainian perspective, Zakharova’s statement represents another serious sign of Moscow’s weakness. Quite aware that her threats are nothing but empty rhetoric, Ukraine will continue destroying military and civilian infrastructure deep inside Russian territory.

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