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Yoram Hazony Rediscovers Conservatism

Reagan cultist Peter Robinson interviews neocon godfather Irving Kristol’s acolyte and ultra-Zionist Yoram Hazony,  the intellectual leader of the neocons’ “national conservatism” front project. Hazony more or less says we need an element of “throne and altar” conservatism in order to preserve America, presumably so America can continue to be Israel’s benefactor.  And his faux pro-Christian stance is obviously a tool for fueling Christian Zionism. This guy is so transparent. Every word he says might as well be “Israel First.” Although, interestingly, he does seem to think the Bush-era neocons and present-day neoliberals have overreached on foreign policy, probably because he understands overextension has actually weakened the American Empire, which a Zionist would be concerned about. And his anti-NATO is obviously rooted in his preference for American unilateralism, which Irving Kristol was also a big proponent of, and out of the recognition that Europe thinks Israel is a pain in the ass.

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