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Europe’s Death Rattle: Part I

In the culmination of a longtime plan, a global calamity of food scarcity, due to Covid measures and ‘sanctions’, will soon cause record numbers of mainly African migrants to enter Europe seeking food.

In Search of ‘the White Man’s Life’

Within months, or even weeks, in response to the escalating food shortages and hyperinflation now coursing through the world economy in the manner of flash flooding, new waves of immigrants will begin to arrive in Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and other places, as people voyage forth in search of food, imagining that they will find it more easily in Paris or London or Dublin. In truth, parts of Europe will be more or less as desperate as any of the places these people have evacuated, because the already scheduled consequences of the disastrous lockdown policies of 2020 will be augmented by the effects of the catastrophic sanctioning of Russia in the context of the Ukraine war. These migrants, therefore — who will arrive in numbers far exceeding the influx of 2015 — will find themselves in a situation at best little better than that which they have left behind. The results are likely to include the radical destabilisation of European societies already in disarray due to the self-imposed difficulties arising from diminishing supplies of food and fuel. These circumstances are likely to provoke widespread outbreaks of social unrest and conflict throughout Europe, leading to the breakdown of the social order in many countries, which is likely to be met by the imposition of martial law.

The peoples of Europe will again be subjected to intense moralising from their political classes — the perpetrators of this disaster. They will, as usual, be instructed as to their ‘responsibilities’ to the ‘less fortunate’ newcomers, even though their own circumstances will be little better. As scarcities escalate, Europe will descend into mayhem, mutual suspicion and alarm, at levels not seen in most European countries since the end of WWII.

All this is planned. It will not be an unforeseen, happenstance outcome of random events. Social chaos is baked into the cake of Covid disruption and tyranny. The war in Ukraine — in effect an undeclared war by the United States and NATO on the Russian Federation, with Ukraine merely the proxy patsy in the middle — has not turned out as the US and EU leaders foresaw, and this has come to mean that the social disaster will be far worse than they intended. But this does not mean that the tyrants will instantly begin to amend their conduct and seek to mitigate its effects. We shall see, therefore, the culmination of a long process of social-engineering and race-baiting that is calculated to deliver to the globalist project the means to enter into a whole new dispensation, in which the already super-rich will become far richer, and the inhabitants of the afflicted countries — in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond will be, though all equally subject to dispossession, thrown at each other’s throats. The people of Europe will be daubed as racists for seeking to put their own children first. The incoming masses will be goaded into resentment and hatred of their new ‘hosts,’ who will in turn, to avoid being demonised and abused, have to meekly accept a diminution of their living conditions, expectations and aspirations unprecedented since the end of the Hitler war. This will be the denouement of a process that has been nurtured for many decades, with the precise intent of looting the homelands of all concerned. This two-part article is an attempt to describe the events and conditions that have taken us to this calamitous point. [The second part will appear this coming Saturday.]


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