Covid is More About 1984 Than Medicine, U.S. is Behind This Biowarfare

Geopolitics and Empire

Dr. Lee Merritt discusses the medical technocracy and how it’s really more about 1984 than it is about medicine. The globalists used health to do an end run around the constitution and have been more successful than they’ve ever been. They’ve used the unproven point that Covid is a virus that is transmitting disease. There is much evidence that what we call influenza is in fact an electromagnetic problem of the ionosphere, we never had seasonal flu until we laid down telegram lines. Covid is convenient to cover up the changes we would’ve seen from rolling out 5G, but is also likely a man-made bioweapon or genetic poison (synthetic nanoparticle). She believes the U.S. and not the Chinese is behind this biowarfare and that we’re in a genetic war with the goal of depopulation, transhumanism, as well as bringing down Western civilization. The Russians and Chinese didn’t force their armies to take this genetic agent, the militaries of the Western world have been compromised.

ANALYSIS: Is Belarus’ Direct Involvement in the Ukraine War a Matter of Time?

Ukraine could turn “into a new Syria, where various foreign powers have their own occupation zones. It is worth remembering that Lukashenko, in 2015, warned that the Donbass war, that erupted in 2014, could have severe consequences for the entire world.”

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