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Is “Wokeness” Killing the Left? (w/ Freddie DeBoer & Pascal Robert)

Last week, Sam Adler-Bell’s provocative New York Magazine piece on the problem with contemporary “wokeness” discourse launched a thousand Twitter threads and response pieces. Many were critical, but does he have a point? Is there something toxic about how resistant some on the left are to talking to people who don’t already agree with us? And if the goal is to reach a wider audience, doesn’t that require us to use different language than we do when preaching to the choir? At what point does changing our language implicate the underlying morals and values? And does abandoning woke language mean abandoning the populations it’s meant to serve? Pascal Robert, of This is Revolution Podcast & Freddie De Boer of his eponymous blog join Briahna to talk Lizzo’s lyric change, that NPR tweet about “menstruating people,” the viral “What Is a Woman” film, and more.

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