Climate Apocalypticism is Being Used as an Excuse for Global Government

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“What we are seeing is an empire which is losing its power. And I think that this century will be a century in which we will see the decay of U.S. imperialism.” Sacha Llorenti

Vítězslav Kremlík: Climate Apocalypticism is Being Used as an Excuse for Global Government

Author of “A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse” Vítězslav Kremlík discusses the doomsday predictions of the climate alarmists and the natural climate cycle that has shaped the history of mankind since the beginning of time. The globalists who want global government make scary predictions which they use as pretext for more and more regulations. In the past, the earth was warmer and there was great climate change in periods when absolutely no human industry existed. Natural changes in climate have caused economies to collapse and empires to fall throughout history. Climate alarmism is very detrimental to one’s mental health and totally irrational, the world has become better, safer, and more prosperous. Climate and pandemic policies are leading toward a Chinese-style social credit system. True environmentalism deals with toxic pollution, over-fishing, protecting wildlife, and managing resources.

ANALYSIS: Syrian Kurds…Waiting for the Turkish “Special Military Operation”

In northern Syria, Turkey is using a similar strategy that Russia has already implemented in the Donbass. Ankara controls the local economy. Turkish lira is the official currency in the region, and Turkish companies provide several areas in the north and east of Aleppo with electricity. In other words, parts of northern Syria have been integrated into the Turkish economic system.

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