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Ukraine a Trojan for Germany’s US dependence

Mit dem Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Finanzexperten Michael Hudson hat der Journalist Alexander Boos für die “ViER.” ein Interview über die aktuelle Lage in Folge des Krieges in der Ukraine und die damit verbundenen Zusammenhänge geführt. Es erscheint in deutscher Übersetzung Anfang August in der Ausgabe 4/2022. Mit Michael Hudson ist vereinbart, dass die englische Originalfassung bereits jetzt online veröffentlicht wird.

Prof. Michael Hudson im Januar 2019 in Berlin bei der Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz (Foto: Tilo Gräser)

Prof. Hudson, your new book “The Destiny of Civilization” is out now. This lecture series on finance capitalism and the New Cold War presents an overview of your unique geo-political perspective. You talk about an ongoing ideological and material conflict between financialized and de-industrialized countries like United States against the mixed-economies of China and Russia. What is this conflict about and why is the world right now at a unique “point of fracture” as your book states?

Today’s global fracture is dividing the world between two different economic philosophies: In the US/NATO West, finance capitalism is de-industrializing economies and has shifted manufacturing to Eurasian leadership, above all China, India and other Asian countries in conjunction with Russia providing basic raw materials and arms.
These countries are a basic extension of industrial capitalism evolving into socialism, that is, into a mixed economy with strong government infrastructure investment to provide education, health care, transportation and other basic needs by treating them as public utilities with subsidized or free services for these needs.
In the neoliberal US/NATO West, by contrast, this basic infrastructure is privatized as a rent-extracting natural monopoly.


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