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The AZOV BATTALION is Coming to America

Democratic Socialism takes on a whole new meaning, as the ‘progressive’ left increasingly takes the form of extra-legal and extra-judicial blackshirts of the deep state and ruling class agenda. Leftists have an obsession and fixation on violence that is increasingly fascistic in nature. Today, we will do a deep dive to uncover and explore the origins of this madness.

00:02:10 – Haz royalty free music radio 00:06:42 – Cursing out Twitch and Katie Paul 00:07:35 – Itinerary 00:13:45 – Leftists in America and Nazism/American Stupidity 00:33:45 – Morbius/Movies/Drip 00:44:30 – Jason Unruhe’s video on Buffalo shooting 01:11:22 – Jason Unruhe’s video addressing Caleb Maupin on violence 01:34:13 – Rand Corporation art project: “Russia’s ‘Firehose of Falsehood’ Propaganda Model” 01:41:27 – New York Times article pushing back against war with China 01:46:30 – China-Pacific Geopolitics/Vietnam/Luna Oi 02:15:45 – Contrapoints new “The Hunger” video 02:34:20 – Jason Unruhe roasted on Twitter 02:40:00 – CPUSA screwed up their xinjiang lie debunk video 02:46:08 – Twitter Space start. Democratic Socialism = National Socialism 02:50:01 – Title change to Exposing Contrapoints MKULTRA Azov Ties 02:51:54 – 1st caller – friend of cringe anime pfp kid from the other day. Contrapoints/Online Media vs Charity/Future of America/Psychoanalysis/Internet vs IRL/Online Media vs Charity 03:49:40 – 2nd caller – dumb fuck. charity, Contrapoints aesthetics/worldview 04:01:50 – 2nd caller – pink lighting. roasting begins. tries to pivot into questioning other claims 04:09:24 – 3rd caller – Q Anthony. Exposing Contrapoints/Breadtube-Nazis 04:17:30 – Donations/Goodbye

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