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The Gun Debate + Should the US Fight for Taiwan? – The Realignment Podcast

Saagar and Marshall discuss the disastrous police response to the Uvalde school shooting, where America’s gun debate heads next, whether the U.S. should defend Taiwan, and how the lessons of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will play out in the Asia-Pacific theater. 0:00 – Introduction 1:33 – Uvalde shooting 8:57 – Aftermath of Parkland shooting 20:35 – The future of gun control 32:03 – Republican response to mass shootings 34:52 – Marshall & Saagar’s solutions to gun violence 54:34 – Taiwan defense policy

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  1. We can’t even fight for ourselves over a dishonest election ! One small city like Compton can fight ‘n win,,, we can’t even fight back when Pelosi stands there ‘n tells us ‘they WILL win the midterms! Pelosi knows we ‘r cowards ‘n won’t fight back,,,,,

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