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Ron Paul: Russia and China are Weathering the West’s Economic Sanctions Barrage Without Problems

By Jose Nino, Liberty Conservative

Multipolarity has been a reality check for the West. In previous decades, the Anglo-American establishment could scuttle regimes at will through direct military interventions, sanctions, color revolutions, or palace coups.

That’s how things went for the West in the latter stages of the Cold War well into the first decade of the 21st century. However, the game drastically changed with the emergence of Russia and China as major players on the world stage during the 2010s.

Fast forward to 2022, and we see multipolarity even more entrenched in the international system. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown that there is more than one power that is willing to exert a sphere of influence within its historical domain. On top of that, Russia has leveraged its resource rich economy and strong economic ties with the Global South to weather the torrential wave of sanctions the Collective West has imposed on it.

Many pundits in the West have erroneously assumed that Russia is just a gas station with nukes. Recent events show that Russia’s economy is more diversified and it’s also more respected abroad than western foreign policy strategists assumed.


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