Countering the Iron Law of Oligarchy & Their Limited Hangouts

Darrell Y. Hamamoto: Countering the Iron Law of Oligarchy & Their Limited Hangouts

Professor Darrell Hamamoto discusses the “iron law of oligarchy” and how the establishment hijacks and co-opts organic movements and ideas and then produces synthetic heroes (e.g. J.D. Vance). Part of the reformation of oligarchy is to continually identify talent that can be part of the oligarchy. The people who study us know there’s grassroots resentment so they concoct limited hangouts. But the iron law of oligarchy is not so iron. He calls his method of counter-politics “smut justice” which means being alert and using discernment to call out false heroes before they gain traction and attacking the fissures in the iron oligarchic system.

ANALYSIS: The Greater Eurasia Project: A Russian Perspective

The Eurasian Union has potential to become much more than a purely economic alliance. However, given a very slow and not particularly efficient integration process, as well as Russia’s weakened positions in the global arena, it is rather questionable to what extent the EAEU member states will be willing to surrender their sovereignty to this supranational entity.

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Great Reset & Biopolitics

WHO & Loss Of Sovereignty: How It Happens, How It’s Not Unusual

WHO Treaty Is Tied to a Global Digital Passport

Rand Paul: WEF Is Building “Everybody’s Worst Nightmare”

A winding tale of WHO, monkeypox, and One Health

Africa objects to U.S. push to reform health rules at WHO assembly

Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year

Top doctor says higher-ups were given fake vaccine cards

Many questions remain over the false Covid-19 vaccination certificates bought by stars, sports personalities and business leaders

Segregating people by vaccine status drawn from Hitler’s playbook

Baby drowned in three inches of bathwater when her lawyer mother fainted a day after taking AstraZeneca Covid vaccine

Technocratic Tyranny Behind a Medical Mask

Covid was liberalism’s endgame

Posobiec detained by WEF’s private security

Davos 2022: The Octogenarian Oligarch Cage Match

First Japan Tourists Face Tests, Chaperones and Little Free Time

Government sends gene-edited food bill to Parliament

Military & Global Governance

Soros: civilization may not survive Putin’s war, warns of depression

Documents Shed Light on Secret U.S. Plans for Apocalyptic Scenarios

Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory

‘There Is No Off-Ramp’: A Recipe for Nuclear War

Hungary declares state of war

West has declared total war on Russian World — Lavrov

China Warned Biden Democracy Is Dying: ‘You Don’t Have the Time’

China, Russia veto U.S. push for more U.N. sanctions on North Korea

China must be prepared to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink system

Russian Wins in Eastern Ukraine Spark Debate Over Course of War

US should consider possibility of Russia using nuclear weapon

U.S. Preparing Plan To Destroy Russia’s Black Sea Fleet—Ukraine

‘140,000 Soldiers’: Leaked Clip Reveals China’s Plan To Invade Taiwan

Multiple Russian, Chinese warplanes enter KADIZ without notice

Moscow not sure it needs resumed ties with West, will work with China

Anti-US axis creeping into view in Asia

Island (S)hopping: Part One

US Army Alaska Making a Transformation to be Army’s Arctic Force

Global Economy

‘Dangerous Levels’ of Imminent Civil Unrest in Western Homelands

Dollar is dying there is no question about it

A $5 Trillion ‘Wealth Shock’ Is Cracking Americans’ Nest Eggs

Electronics to get even more expensive as chip giants hike their prices

Singapore’s beloved chicken rice is about to get more expensive

Malaysia to stop exporting 3.6 million chickens a month from June 1

India’s Protectionist Moves Spark Concern Rice May Be Next

Zelenskyy’s global food crisis prediction may be 10 weeks away

Risk of food insecurity threatens record 36% of Brazilian families

Global container shipping the worst for 50 years reports Drewry

Stressed-Out Supply Chain Managers Are Throwing in the Towel

Foreclosure wave sweeping US crests in Chicago

Malawi: Kwacha gets 25% weaker

Public needs to let go of the fear of digital IDs

Bill would bar Big Tech from hosting apps that accept digital yuan


A return to permanent war: it will bankrupt America, then destroy it

US an empire of coercion

New Evidence Suggests Monroe Murdered by Bobby Kennedy

ISIS Plotting To Assassinate George W. Bush In Dallas

Authorities investigating if agent knew of Buffalo shooting plans

FBI Spied on 3.3 Million Americans Without a Warrant

Hillary Clinton Did It

Vendors of stolen gasoline outnumber gas stations 4 to 1 in México

Mexico expands role of military; gives full control over customs

Eurasia & Indo-Pacific

China seeks Pacific islands policing, security cooperation

Singapore to join Biden Indo-Pacific pact, back China’s CPTPP entry

China seeks to dominate Bay of Bengal through Myanmar ports

Samoa signs China bilateral agreement during Pacific push by Beijing

Fiji joins US-led Indo-Pacific economic initiative

Indonesia, U.S. eye South China Sea hot spot for military drills

Australia needs a Monroe Doctrine for the South Pacific

China-India Border Crisis Has Quietly Resulted In Victory For Beijing

To contain China, the US will ignore Russia in India

HK police to perform Chinese-style drills, removal of colonial overtones

Is Russia Ripe for a Coup?


Europol to collect big data on European citizens

This soldier fought for Finland, Nazi Germany and U.S. Special Forces

The European Union Was Designed to Stifle Democracy

Africa & Middle East

Israel Tells U.S. It Killed Iranian Officer

Turkish FM will travel to Israel in first ministerial visit in 15 years

After one year in power, Israel gov’t may be forced out

Turkish combat drone Akıncı reaches Azerbaijan in unseen flight

Energy & Environment

A Hot, Deadly Summer Is Coming With Frequent Blackouts

California threatens ‘mandatory water restrictions’

Sri Lanka hikes fuel prices, encourages people to work from home

China quietly increases purchases of low-priced Russian oil

Chinese, Australian investors battle for largest lithium deposit

Saudi Arabia signals support for Russia’s role in Opec+

Green Social Credit: ‘Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker’

EU work-at-home schemes, driving bans to reduce Russian oil reliance

HSBC suspends banker over climate change comments

NHS says don’t eat meat because Monkeypox

DARPA launches ‘Ouija’ project to study radio signals in atmosphere

Technocracy & Information Warfare

Cyber Polygon postponed

Tech pioneer warns of alien invasion

A digital silver bullet for the world: digitalization

Meta announces the WEF will have a leadership role in the metaverse

WEF wants kids to learn in the metaverse to curb climate change

World Bank Geo-Enabling Initiative for Monitoring & Supervision

Itron, Microsoft partnership on cloud adoption & smart city efforts

Hong Kong Considers Blocking Telegram

India DigiLocker ties into WhatsApp to improve access with digital ID

Russia attempts to block Tor again after previous attempt failed

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner tells Davos it’s time for a “recalibration” on human rights like “free speech”

Sweden’s “Psychological Defence Agency” warning about memes

UK government wants to limit online protest organization

Chicago cops team up with FBI to create fake social media profiles

NYC Mayor Eric Adams says online platforms need to use AI to censor

Nuland-Pyatt Tape Removed From YouTube After 8 Years

Interesting Interviews

Surviving The Age of Corporatism & Shortages – with Jack Spirko

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