Jose Nino’s Digest: May 28, 2022

Peter Schiff Speaks the Truth About America’s Inflation Woes

The lengths mainstream economic commentators will go to explain why the United States is experiencing unprecedented levels of inflation is simply comedic. Usually, the run-of-the-mill pundit will blame greedy businessmen but now with major…

May 28, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Poll: 61% of Trump Voters Believe in the Great Replacement

Despite what the corporate press says, the “Great Replacement” is real. The Great Replacement refers to the demographic replacement of the American people through mass migration. According to a recently released Yahoo News/YouGov poll, 61% of Donald…

May 28, 2022Big League Politics

United States Military Contractors are Expected to Receive at Least $17 Billion Through Massive Ukraine Aid Bill

Joe Biden has signed a $40 billion aid bill to Ukraine. But the biggest beneficiary isn’t ordinary Ukrainians — it’s the United States military contractors set to receive at least $17 billion in additional revenue. Since President Joe Biden signed a…

May 27, 2022Liberty Conservative News

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