What will it take to end mass shootings?

The brutal killing of nineteen children and two teachers at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas has left us in national mourning, as the sickeningly familiar news of a school shooting continues to trickle in. As we learn more about the inaction of law enforcement on the scene and the agony of the children seeking help in their final moments, we confront one question above all: What will it take to make sure this never happens again?

News coming out of Uvalde makes it increasingly clear that the answer to this question is not more funding for police. Their response, upon being called to the scene, was to handcuff frantic parents trying to enter the school while saving their own. Officers waited outside the classroom where students were trapped with the gunman, some claiming they thought no students were left alive — but phone records have shown heart-wrenching evidence to the contrary. Now, local law enforcement is backpedaling on basic details of what happened that day — and the story they’re revealing is one in which their role is anything but heroic.

How, then, can we become a country in which children and teachers can count on a basic level of safety in the classroom — like so many other countries across the world? This is a major topic of discussion for this week’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends. From the policies we’d like to see surrounding gun control to the way politicians are responding, we cover a lot of ground, joined by our guest Mac (you know him as @GoodPoliticGuy).

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