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Doug Henwood explains the crypto crash

Tonight’s guest is the inimitable Doug Henwood, economic journalist and analyst — and the person we’ve come to in order to discuss the crypto crash of just a few weeks ago. Whether you have a deep understanding of all things blockchain and are looking to hear a left-wing perspective on the recent turmoil, or whether you’ve never heard of a “stablecoin” before, we think you’ll enjoy Doug’s sharp, thoughtful analysis of why cryptocurrencies have become so popular, what they seem to offer beyond our current system, and how they fall short. Watch below:

We’d be remiss not to say a few words about recent news here, because while mainstream media outlets continue to make a warped rigamarole out of a highly sensitive, personal defamation trial, the mass killing of ten black people by a white supremacist in Buffalo, NY, as well as a dire shortage of infant formula causing families across the U.S. to panic, weighs heavily on our minds. In an interview with Jacobin’s Hadas Thier, former Buffalo mayoral candidate India Walton shared her outrage and grief at the attack, but also her lack of surprise:


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