Rising: May 20, 2022 Full Show

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky react to a controversial 5th Circuit Court ruling on how the SEC can enforce securities law.

Ryan Grim breaks down what may be “the most brazenly selfish district hop in American political history.”

Emily Jashinsky details the sordid explanation behind a ghostwritten 2018 Washington Post op-ed.

Executive director of Americans for Public Trust, Caitlin Sutherland, details her organization’s lawsuit against the FEC.

Emily Jashinsky and Ryan Grim discuss the Lab Leak hypothesis surrounding COVID-19, and Jeffrey Sachs’ call for an independent investigation into the possible lab origin of the virus.

Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) talks crypto PACS’ massive donations to primary election campaigns, and how Super PACS will impact midterms.

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky wrap up this week’s primary races, and discuss what Democratic party messaging might look like as more primaries take place over the coming weeks and into the November midterm elections.



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