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  1. “corporatist” – a meaningless word that Bernie Sanders Democrats use because they don’t know anything about economics or even basic law.

    Boomer Democrats call themselves “liberals.” Generation X Democrats call themselves “progressives.” Millennial Democrats cal themselves “socialists” or “anarchists.”

    But even the ones who signal the hardest about how they follow this or that obscure ideology, they are all just Democrats.

    Not just because they will vote for the “corporatist” Democrat because all Republicans are Literally Hitler, most importantly, all Republicans, and anyone who is not Left wing or a Democrat, is a “Nazi.”

    Liberals, progressives, socialists – anarchists – they are all just partisan Democrats who are too cowardly to admit it so signal about their “ideology” as if it matters at all.

    So politically they are just Democrats, but you can tell via their “ideology” that anarchists are just a particular subculture of Democrats, the kind into Punk rock, or Hardcore, or some other contrarian white male thing.

    Gillfoyle, from Silicon Valley, but academics with no marketable skills.

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