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The Marxist Critique of Malthusianism – Caleb speaks to Schiller Institute Webcast

Not necessarily related to the video, but I would posit that a significant reason for the Malthusianism and antinatalism on the contemporary western left is this underlying hatred of responsibility and personal obligation: they don’t want to be given the “burden” of raising children (and then moralize this as a way of not appearing lazy or cold-hearted). Recently, I read in a book that polyamory has become increasingly common in the past 10 years because having multiple partners at once serves as a substitute for having a family for those looking for a source of love. This isn’t just because the cost of raising a family is so expensive, but because accumulating lovers the way a capitalist accumulates capital can be quite individualistic and doesn’t require the same degree of sacrifice that a lifelong partner and children do. (I’m not saying everyone who’s polyamorous is hyper-individualist, I’m merely pointing out why the cultural trend has shifted in this direction.) I know way more anarchist comrades in poly relationships than I know anarchist comrades with kids, for instance.

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